Hanselaw Hammerstein and Partners

Solicitors Tax consultants Registered partnership mbB


Caffamacherreihe 5
20355 Hamburg
PR-Nr. 137 AG Hamburg
Tel 040 3576620
Fax: 040 35766222
Mail: info (at) hanselaw.de

VAT ID No.: DE183495620 


All solicitors of Hammerstein and Partner are admitted to practice law in Germany and are members of the Hamburg Bar Association (Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamburg): Hamburg Bar Association - www.rechtsanwaltskammerhamburg.de

Where our solicitors are also tax consultants, they are admitted as tax consultants in the Federal Republic of Germany and are members of the Hamburg Chamber of Tax Consultants (Steuerberaterkammer Hamburg).

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is taken out with Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherungs AG in 50598 Cologne. The territorial scope of the insurance covers activities in the Federal Republic of Germany and thus at least meets the requirements of Section 51 of the Federal Solicitor Act (BRAO), Section 67 of the Tax Consultancy Act (StBerG), Sections 51 et seq. of the Ordinance on the Implementation of the Regulations on Tax Consultants, Tax Agents and Tax Consultancy Companies (DVStB).

Professional regulations
The relevant professional regulations include the Federal Solicitors Act, the Professional Code of Conduct, the Specialist Solicitors Code of Conduct, the Solicitors Fees Act and the professional rules for solicitors in the European Union. You can find them under: www.brak.de, heading "Berufsrecht" (German only).

·  BRAO – Federal Solicitors Act
·  BORA – Professional Code for Solicitors
·  Professional Code for Specialist Solicitors 
·  RVG – Solicitors Fees Act
·  CCBE – Professional Rules for Solicitors of the European Community
·  EURAG – Law Regulating the Activity of European
   Solicitors in Germany v. 9. 3. 2000 (BGBl. I S. 182) 
   Law Implementing the Directives of the European Community
   pertaining to the professional law regulating the legal profession 

The relevant professional regulations for tax consultants can be found on the homepage of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants:
www.bstbk.de, heading "Ihr Steuerberater/Berufsrecht" (German only)

· StBerG – Tax Consultancy Act 
· DVStB – Ordinance on the Implementation of the Regulations on Tax Consultancy Act  
· BOStB – Professional Ordinance of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants – Tax Consultants Fee Schedule

Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (VSBG)
We are not prepared to participate in dispute resolution proceedings at the attorney arbitration body of the legal profession.

The OS platform can be found at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/