Claudia Bischof, LL.M mult.

Certified Lawyer for IT Law
Master of Laws (Air and Space Law)
Master of Laws (Information Law)

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Claudia Bischof is enthusiastic about clouds - whether in an IT or aviation context.

In the IT environment, she advises companies on all questions of IT and data protection law. She is the right contact person for all legal questions regarding the relocation of data and processes to the cloud, digitization, software development or software procurement projects. If the contractor's performance or the involvement of the customer is not satisfactory, Claudia Bischof focuses on measures to advance the project, while worst-case scenarios are considered and prepared in parallel.

In the context of aviation law, she advises airport service providers, pilots, airfield and drop zone operators and aviation sports clubs. The spectrum ranges from questions of liability, licensing and flight operations law, supplier contracts and coordination with authorities.



IT and Data Protection

Many years of experience
Supporting companies in the IT sector and companies in IT legal matters is not new territory for us – it has been part of our daily business since the late 1990s. We therefore have many years of industry and technical expertise.

Professional network
When it comes to technical questions and complex projects, we can also rely on a network of external consultants to find solutions for our clients that are not just legally sound.

More than IT law
Our support for companies in the IT sector is not limited to IT law, we also offer comprehensive support from a single source. We help found your own company in word and deed, in day-to-day business and also with buying and selling companies.

+49 (0) 40 357 662 0

Dr. Oliver Gießler

Claudia Bischof

Air and Space Law

The use of airspace and outer space has been increasing for decades. The development of aviation in 2020/21 has suffered a setback, but will consolidate.

At the same time, structures that have evolved are facing new challenges. A variety of legal issues arise from increasing digitalization, questions about sustainability, the popularity of drones and the first air taxis, whose manufacturers are seeking approval.

The use of space is intensifying by private actors, but must make do with a legal framework that is not yet designed for these commercial business activities, at least in Germany.

In short, anyone involved in aviation and space activities is not only moving through different airspaces and "new space", but also in tension between innovation, liability, technology and data security.

We offer comprehensive advice and representation in all aviation and space law matters for aviation and technology companies, pilots, aircraft and satellite owners, infrastructure operators and suppliers, as well as air sports clubs, and also represent them before authorities and courts.

+49 (0) 40 357 662 0

Claudia Bischof