Dr. Alexander Busse
Specialist Solicitor for Tax Law
Tax Consultant
Phone: +49 (0) 40 357 662 0
Dr. Alexander Busse advises and defends entrepreneurs and private individuals in the areas of tax law and criminal tax law.

He specialises in areas in which disputes with the tax authorities require the vigorous representation of clients' interests – be it in controversial tax audits, in opposition and legal proceedings before the tax court or in criminal investigations. He also has special expertise in the preparation of tax self-disclosures.






Insight into the tax world
Our tax world is extremely complicated. In addition, the pace of changes in tax law is faster than anywhere else.

As soon as companies start doing business abroad, tax rules, tax treaties and often EU law enter the picture. Even with the best intentions it is therefore often very difficult to do the right thing without professional help.

Designing taxes
As a law firm specialising in commercial and tax law, we have been dealing with tax issues for many years. We support our clients with finding and implementing favourable and manageble tax arrangements for all corporate and private decisions. In Germany as well as abroad.

Defence in emergency cases
Our clients can also benefit from our experience should they come into conflict with the tax authorities We are committed to supporting and representing you. If worse comes to worst and you are accused of tax evasion, a renowned tax defence counsel will assist you.

+49 (0) 40 357 662 0

Dr. Alexander Busse

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