Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin, LL.M

Specialist Solicitor for Tax Law
Master of Laws in International Law

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Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin advises and represents companies in matters of commercial and tax law. He is particularly experienced in cross-border structures, transactions and investments. He has been working in the fields of German and international tax law for more than thirty years. In addition to tax structuring of companies and corporate transactions, he also takes care of corporate law and contractual implementation.






Insight into the tax world
Our tax world is extremely complicated. In addition, the pace of changes in tax law is faster than anywhere else.

As soon as companies start doing business abroad, tax rules, tax treaties and often EU law enter the picture. Even with the best intentions it is therefore often very difficult to do the right thing without professional help.

Designing taxes
As a law firm specialising in commercial and tax law, we have been dealing with tax issues for many years. We support our clients with finding and implementing favourable and manageble tax arrangements for all corporate and private decisions. In Germany as well as abroad.

Defence in emergency cases
Our clients can also benefit from our experience should they come into conflict with the tax authorities We are committed to supporting and representing you. If worse comes to worst and you are accused of tax evasion, a renowned tax defence counsel will assist you.

+49 (0) 40 357 662 0

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Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin

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Navigating the legal and tax jungle
Businesses are always in a state of flux. They have to deal with a plethora of laws that are constantly changing and multiplying.

We help entrepreneurs to correctly apply the laws and regulations that are important for them and to implement these as efficiently as possible: 

  • at foundation,
  • in day-to-day business,
  • in restructuring projects,
  • in mergers and joint ventures,
  • in the purchase and sale of companies,
  • for projects in Germany as well as abroad. 

Preventive and extensive
We ensure that as little as possible goes wrong in the minefield of tax rules – at home and abroad. In day-to-day business we take care of

  • contracts
  • contract management,
  • licenses,
  • competition,
  • compliance,
  • labour law
  • and much more.

And in court
It’s best to take care of things in advance, so that problems do not arise in the first place. As solicitors, however, we are of course on hand in cases where a legal dispute is unavoidable – whether it be as advisers or as representatives for contentious proceedings in court. And, if worse comes to worst, even for tax and white collar crime proceedings.

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Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin


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International Companies

As international as our clients
Today, cross-border business is not just on the agenda for global players, but also for mid-sized companies.

The requirements for advising vary accordingly: companies that operate internationally are faced with complex challenges in which legal and tax issues are intertwined.

Consulting in Germany and abroad
We support domestic and foreign companies with all commercial, corporate and tax matters in their international activities. If legal or tax advice is required abroad, we work together with local consultants.

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Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin

Transfer Pricing

Of groups, borders and fines
Cross-border transactions between related companies are increasingly becoming the focus of financial administrations. The main issue is “transfer pricing”, i.e. prices and contractual conditions, that apply between group companies. This field is subject to complex tax provisions and numerous documentation requirements. A breach of the rules may quickly lead to additional tax payments and fines.

Tightened checks
The OECD has tightened the tax conditions in the area of transfer pricing in order to make "base erosion and profit shifting" (BEPS) more difficult. Many countries worldwide are now implementing the new OECD standards. Transfer prices have therefore become one of the key issues in tax audits.

Adjusting transfer pricing systems
Whether you belong to a globally operating large corporation or a medium-sized group of companies – international corporate groups must adapt and coordinate their transfer pricing systems and documentation to the new requirements.

The network for transfer pricing
Hanselaw is a member of "professional transfer pricing" (pro-tp). pro-tp is an association of tax solicitors and tax consultants from several countries. Its members have combined their experience, data and documents on transfer pricing to offer their international clients pragmatic and efficient solutions for group transfer pricing.

Our services:

  • Design and implementation of transfer pricing systems
  • Risk analysis of existing transfer pricing systems
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation and adaptation to national requirements according to OECD-BEPS (master file, local file, country-by-country reporting)
  • Group-wide coordination and harmonisation of documentation based on a documentation concept
  • Preparation and update of internal group contracts
  • Advice in special cases, relocations and restructurings
  • Defence of transfer prices in tax audits, conduct of appeal and finance court proceedings, support in mutual agreement proceedings

+49 (0) 40 357 662 0

Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin