Volkhard Neumann

Business Mediator, Mediator BM®
Specialist Solicitor for Tax Law
Specialist Solicitor for Banking and Capital Market Law

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Volkhard Neumann advises on corporate and tax law as well as banking and capital market law. His clients are companies, banks and issuing houses as well as private investors. 

As a certified crowdfunding manager, he is a member of crowdexperts.de, a network of crowdfunding experts from the Munich and Upper Bavaria Chamber of Commerce.

He is also a certified mediator in the field of business mediation. 





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Banking and Capital Market

Long-standing experience
Issuers have been entrusting us with the legal and tax conception of their capital market products for 20 years, whether it be individual investments, private placements, investments, KAGB (German Capital Investment Code) investment assets, crowdfunding projects or much more.

An eye for detail – and a complete overview
We not only provide the appropriate legal framework for the projects, we often also take over the entire preparation of financial statements and thus the heart of the project, including tax implications. This makes us far more than just a contractual supplier for our clients, but a valued sparring partner in the development of sophisticated financial products.
In dialogue with supervisory authorities
We know about the long arm of legislators and supervisory authorities. For this reason, we seek early dialogue with the responsible supervisory authorities on critical issues. After all, delays and nasty surprises can be avoided by clarifying things in advance.
Prepared to fight, if it comes to it
Our many years of experience in the conception of investment products is probably the reason why clients keep commissioning us, even if their investment did not go as expected. These are often providers and sales partners but are often also investors and institutional investors. We have an inside view of such investment products and thus know the arguments of both sides.

The long view
Together with our network partner c3 fonds.concept, we offer long-term support for investment products with the assumption of trusteeships, ongoing tax advice and auditing.

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Volkhard Neumann

Norbert Gnosa

Jens Marchand


Navigating the legal and tax jungle
Businesses are always in a state of flux. They have to deal with a plethora of laws that are constantly changing and multiplying.

We help entrepreneurs to correctly apply the laws and regulations that are important for them and to implement these as efficiently as possible: 

  • at foundation,
  • in day-to-day business,
  • in restructuring projects,
  • in mergers and joint ventures,
  • in the purchase and sale of companies,
  • for projects in Germany as well as abroad. 

Preventive and extensive
We ensure that as little as possible goes wrong in the minefield of tax rules – at home and abroad. In day-to-day business we take care of

  • contracts
  • contract management,
  • licenses,
  • competition,
  • compliance,
  • labour law
  • and much more.

And in court
It’s best to take care of things in advance, so that problems do not arise in the first place. As solicitors, however, we are of course on hand in cases where a legal dispute is unavoidable – whether it be as advisers or as representatives for contentious proceedings in court. And, if worse comes to worst, even for tax and white collar crime proceedings.

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Dr. Oliver Gießler

Norbert Gnosa

Jens Marchand

Volkhard Neumann


Insight into the tax world
Our tax world is extremely complicated. In addition, the pace of changes in tax law is faster than anywhere else.

As soon as companies start doing business abroad, tax rules, tax treaties and often EU law enter the picture. Even with the best intentions it is therefore often very difficult to do the right thing without professional help.

Designing taxes
As a law firm specialising in commercial and tax law, we have been dealing with tax issues for many years. We support our clients with finding and implementing favourable and manageble tax arrangements for all corporate and private decisions. In Germany as well as abroad.

Defence in emergency cases
Our clients can also benefit from our experience should they come into conflict with the tax authorities We are committed to supporting and representing you. If worse comes to worst and you are accused of tax evasion, a renowned tax defence counsel will assist you.

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Dr. Alexander Busse

Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin

Volkhard Neumann

Commercial Mediation

The intelligent conflict solution
Some conflicts are annoying, others take on threatening proportions. In all cases, the question arises how much energy, time and money should be spent on dealing with such a conflict. Mediation is a fast, cost-efficient and very effective way to resolve the conflict. 

One process, many advantages:

Mediation proceedings are fast.

As there is no need to wait months for court hearings, mediation proceedings can begin within a few days. And not only that, the parties to the conflict usually reach a joint solution in just one day.

Mediation procedures are individual.

It is not someone else who makes a decision regarding the conflict, but rather both parties determine what the solution will be. A clear advantage, because nobody knows the respective interests as well as the parties themselves.

Mediation proceedings are confidential.

Everything discussed in the proceedings is subject to secrecy. Even if mediation fails, the content cannot be used against a conflict partner. Therefore, mediation proceedings make it possible, to discuss exactly what is really important for a solution. And nothing of it will get out.

Mediation proceedings are successful.

The numbers speak for themselves: more than 80 percent of the proceedings lead to an amicable solution of the conflict. This not only solves the conflict itself, but often also creates the basis for a sustainable future. 89 percent of the parties to a mediation proceeding would choose this path again in a new conflict.

Mediation procedures are cost-effective.

The costs of mediation proceedings are usually considerably lower than those of court proceedings. Not to mention the fact that a quickly resolved conflict no longer costs further attention and energy. 

Further information: 

Information on mediation proceedings for clients can be found here.
Information on mediation procedures for their party solicitors can be found here.
The German Arbitration Institute's (DIS) Arbitration Rules can be found here.

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Volkhard Neumann

Gritt Gräwe

You can find out more about mediation procedures here on our special mediation page.

Real Estate

Property without difficulties
As a commercial and tax law firm we master all classical areas of

  • land,
  • home ownership and
  • tenancy law.

Our law firm has the necessary industry and market knowledge as well as close contacts with

  • brokers,
  • family offices,
  • banks and
  • notaries.

For owners
From private individuals to housing companies, we advise owners on all issues, regardless of whether the stock consists of one or one hundred flats.

For project developers
We support project developers, property developers and investment companies with transactions of commercial properties, hotels and housing portfolios. We provide our clients with the appropriate structure including an overall tax concept for the future.

For property managers
Property management companies greatly value our fast and legally compliant support in all questions relating to residential property law. Be it in the run-up to construction measures, during the preparation of rental contracts or during the entire contract processing.

In court or via mediation
Should it nevertheless come to disputes within the homeowner association or with third parties, we represent our clients in court or resolve the conflict in advance using a cost-effective and fast mediation procedure.

Professional support for financing
We also offer support on the financing side, ranging from traditional private home loans, to the use of crowdfunding or property bonds, to the structuring of investments and investment assets.

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Norbert Gnosa

Startups and M&A

From idea to going into business
Regardless of whether you want to found, sell or acquire a company or finally get going with your startup, we have the experience and the contacts to help you on the path to achieving your goal and beyond.

Reaching goals with professional support
We provide you with comprehensive support when it comes to structuring your project. We will find the right legal and tax solution – and solve problems in advance. As a commercial and tax law firm, we have many years of experience in this area, irrespective of the possible legal forms and structures.

+49 (0) 40 357 662 0

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Norbert Gnosa


Jens Marchand

Volkhard Neumann

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