Of groups, borders and fines
Cross-border transactions between related companies are increasingly becoming the focus of financial administrations. The main issue is “transfer pricing”, i.e. prices and contractual conditions, that apply between group companies. This field is subject to complex tax provisions and numerous documentation requirements. A breach of the rules may quickly lead to additional tax payments and fines.

Tightened checks
The OECD has tightened the tax conditions in the area of transfer pricing in order to make "base erosion and profit shifting" (BEPS) more difficult. Many countries worldwide are now implementing the new OECD standards. Transfer prices have therefore become one of the key issues in tax audits.

Adjusting transfer pricing systems
Whether you belong to a globally operating large corporation or a medium-sized group of companies – international corporate groups must adapt and coordinate their transfer pricing systems and documentation to the new requirements.

The network for transfer pricing
Hanselaw is a member of "professional transfer pricing" (pro-tp). pro-tp is an association of tax solicitors and tax consultants from several countries. Its members have combined their experience, data and documents on transfer pricing to offer their international clients pragmatic and efficient solutions for group transfer pricing.

Our services:

  • Design and implementation of transfer pricing systems
  • Risk analysis of existing transfer pricing systems
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation and adaptation to national requirements according to OECD-BEPS (master file, local file, country-by-country reporting)
  • Group-wide coordination and harmonisation of documentation based on a documentation concept
  • Preparation and update of internal group contracts
  • Advice in special cases, relocations and restructurings
  • Defence of transfer prices in tax audits, conduct of appeal and finance court proceedings, support in mutual agreement proceedings

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Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin

International Tax Practitioners

Strong international network
Hanselaw is a member of International Tax Practitioners, or ITP for short. ITP is an association of independent tax solicitors and tax consultants that was formed in 2013. International Tax Practitioners offer their clients reliable, fast and experienced advice on all international tax issues.

All ITP Members

  • have gained professional experience in the field of international taxation at large international accounting firms, 
  • have been self-employed as partners in smaller law firms for many years, 
  • focus their activities on cross-border tax issues 
  • and have sufficient experience to deal with these topics professionally and efficiently.

ITP currently has members in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Turkey. ITP members conduct regular conference calls to exchange news and experiences and meet once or twice a year to continually improve collaboration. 

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Dr. Justus Fischer-Zernin